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Young and beautiful Kira is afflicted with a strange disease: her skin starts to age rapidly, dry out an crumble away. When she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else´s, she has to choose: watch her own body wither and die – or give in to temptation...... whatever the price.
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Shooting: February 2016
Status: Premiere: APril 2017 (at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2017)
Location: Munich, Germany and Toronto, Canada
Running time: 105 minutes
Language: English
Writer, Director: Norbert Keil
Coproducer: Colin Geddes, Katarina Gligorijevic, EMF Filmproduktion, Gerhard Lidl Filmproduktion, Rebecca Forsythe, Michele Antonin, Cinepostproduction


KING LAURIN tells the tale of 13-year old Theo, wannabe conqueror and son of the mighty Dietrich. As Theo becomes friends with his father's biggest nemesis Laurin, former king of the Dwarves, he finds himself between the lines and has to choose: becoming a conqueror like his father, or confessing himself to his secret passion and finding his way to happiness.

Genre: Family Entertainment
Shooting time: Winter 2014 and early 2015
Status: Packaging
Shooting location: South Tyrol, Italy
Running time: 85 minutes
Language: German
Writer, Director: Matthias Lang
DoP: Kaspar Kaven
Music: David Reichelt

Laurin: Volker "Zack" Michalowski
King Dietrich: Rufus Beck


While temporarily blind through an accident, Jonathan head over heels falls in love with Mia. Accidentally, he makes her believe that his blindness is permanently, which is the reason for Mia to return the feelings - finally a guy who isn't only into my looks. Jonathan has to continue with his lie, moving himself deeper and deeper into a construct of lies, from which there is hardly any way out.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: Financing
Locations: Berlin, Bavaria
Running time: 90 minutes

Screenwriters: Carsten Vauth, Marco Riedl
Directors: Carsten Vauth, Marco Riedl

Jonathan: Tom Beck
Mia: Lisa Tomaschewsky
Dirk: Axel Stein


Germany. 2016.
All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Brutal murders rock the former GDR and leave everyone scratching their heads. Ambitious special agent ANNA (mid-20's, proud 'Easterner') and her recently demoted colleague LUKAS (30s, arrogant 'Westener') investigate this barbaric series of attacks. BÄCKER and BAUER, two former East German Stasi officials, insist they know who's behind the carnage: Zombies! During the Cold War, they explain, Stasi officials would inject agitators with a substance prior to interrogation. Today, they say, these individuals are turning into zombies. As farfetched as it seems – these two blockheads seem to be right because, within a few hours, the East is crawling with bloodthirsty zombies. The German government has to react. The zombie invasion has to be stopped. But how? The solution seems obvious: the wall has to go up again!
Genre: Zombie Action Comedy
Status: Financing
Locations: Germany
Running time: 91 Minutes

Writers: Reihe9: Volker Ferenz, Bernd Strack, Eugen Gritschneder, Robert von Münchhofen Director: tba


BATHTUB TO HAPPINESS is a wacky romantic comedy about two very different strangers ending up naked in a bathtub flying through time and space. In a turbulent journey to the darkest and most embarrassing moments of their past, they must expose themselves more and more - to find true love.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: Financing
Shooting Location: Munich
Running time: 110 minutes
Language: German

Directors: Nadine & Norbert Keil
Screenwriters: Nadine & Norbert Keil


When his life gets to a low in every aspect, the gentle loser Jörg invents an Alter Ego, the Russian asshole Gratsch. Being an egocentric prick, Gratsch is the new king in all media. Now being on the summit of his success, he realizes that he cannot differentiate between his role Gratsch and the real Jörg. Jörg has become an asshole. He has to learn to stand by himself to save the woman he loves. And he will learn what real self confidence means.

Genre: Comedy
Based on a novel by Jockel Tschiersch
Status: Development
Shooting location: Berlin
Running time:: 110 minutes
Language: German

Writers: Lasse Nolte, Jockel Tschiersch
Story: Jockel Tschiersch
Felix Kempter


After a horrible accident leaves her parents dead and her little sister crippled and suicidal, the always insecure Taika meets Cian, a charismatic performer of magic. She decides to perform a ritual with the help of Cian and some friends – in order to reverse her sisters fate. But when her best friend gets possessed and the true purpose of the ritual is revealed, Taika must stand her own before her best friend is killed.

Genre: Horror
Status: Development / Financing
Running time: 85 Minutes
Language: English

Director: Norbert Keil
Writers: Norbert Keil, Darren Herczeg, Yfke van berckelaer


The entire population of a small island has been wiped out. A team is sent to the island. Peer, a brilliant investigator. The only thing he fears is his own moratlity. Mika and Nana, twin sisters and psychics. Their visionary gift is as dangerous to themselves as it is a blessing for the team. Tom, the team leader. His agenda is an unknown factor. Their mission: To find the problem. To solve the problem. To save us all.

Genre: Horror/Science Fiction
Status: Development
Running time: 100 minutes
Language: English

Writer, Director: Norbert Keil


Dick, an average American guy, travels to Germany to visit the Oktoberfest _ with his head full of prejudices about the Oktoberfest, Munich and Bavaria. His only goals are women, party, alcohol and more women. But unfortunately, he's not very smart. So on his desperate mission to get laid, he ends up everywhere in Bavaria, just not on the Oktoberfest, where he really wants to go. In the end, he will have learned that Bavaria has more to give then just the worlds biggest party and that life has more to give then just drinking und girls - he learned to value other things in life.

Genre: Comedy
Status: Development
Shooting location: Bavaria
Running time: 95 minutes
Language: English & German

Writer, Director: Mickel Rentsch


When Mono is released out of prison – where he was sitting for 3 years - he starts his long planned trip to South Europe with his best friend Jones. On their way, they pick up some hitchhikers: the hot girl Nele and the odd couple Sandro and Julia. It starts as a fun trip with lots of joking and flirting. Until eventually it becomes strange. Friction rises between the five and sexual tension leads to a fight between the guys. When tension is on its climax, they enter a tunnel, planning to make a stop after the tunnelexit to split their ways. But they have to realize that it won't happen: the tunnel doesn't end... They drive for hours and hours, turn around and drive back - even longer. No way out... And no other car for miles around. Now mysteriously trapped in the tunnel, they blame each other. And as they continue fighting and trying to get out of the tunnel, strange things start happening and one after the other dies in the most mysterious ways. Mistrust, fear and deadly accidents drive the spiral of madness up until ultimately only one remains: Mono wakes up, as medics are reviving him. He realizes that they had a terrible car accident at the entrance of the tunnel and that everyone else died in that accident. Was Mono just dreaming everything that happened in the tunnel? Or was he witness of something supernatural happening?! Starting off as a teenage road movie, this mystery thriller turns into a nightmare, once the group enters the tunnel.

Genre: Mystery-Thriller
Status: Development
Shooting location: Germany and eastern europe
Running time: 105 minutes
Language: English

Writer, Director: Thomas Schwendemann


What, if the audience of the future demands for more then watching people live in a container, eat insects and being intimidated? What if futures TV needs to break the limit of pain and death? What if Hollywood action movies and reality TV becomes one?

Genre: Thriller
Status: Development
Running time: 95 minutes
Language: English