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The young Afghan Nabilah is seriously injured in an accident. While her younger brother tries to get help, the unconscious Nabilah is rescued by German soldiers and taken to their camp. Unlike his comrades, German officer Kraus doesn't see his soldierly duties as fulfilled and goes on a search mission to find Nabilahs brother - against the will of his superiors.
Length: 22 Minuten
Genre: Drama
Finished: October 2014
Shot in: Solnhofen, Bayern
Director: Paul Meschùh
Screenwriter: Aydin Alinejadsomeeh in collaboration with Paul Meschùh
Coproducers: Theres Seemann, Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF München
DoP: Michael Heinz
Production Design: Stephanie Haas
Wardrobe: Eva Maria Simon
Editor: Fabian Rüdisser
Nicholas Reinke
Sobi Darcal
Amin Nasir
Maria Rui
Sharzad Keyhani
Olaf Krätke

to be released in 2015


TOM's life is falling apart. His girlfriend, KATHRIN, has just kicked him out of her apartment, because he has not been able to make up his mind if he wants to live with her. Now he is to find a nice apartment for the two of them. Already at the first apartment Tom realizes that he has not a lot to offer as a single student looking for a two-room apartment in Munich. When he meets NOLA, who spontaneously introduces him as her fiancé, they beginn to search for two apartments as a couple: One for Nola and one for Tom and Kathrin. While celebrating having found the first apartment Kathrin comes on the scene again... A short and turbulent screwball comedy about an almost impossible house-hunting in Munich.
Die Blaue Blume
17. Augsburger Kurzfilmwochenende: 1. Prize
Bayreuther Kurzfilmfestival Kontrast: Audience Award
Shorts at Moonlight: 3. Prize
Fünf Seen Filmfestival: Goldenes Glühwürmchen
Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis
Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2010
Schwabinger Open Air Kino 2010
Emmentaler Filmtage 2010
Klein Jasedower Filmtage 2010
Konstanzer 2010
32. Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2010
Int. Studentenfilmfestival München 2010
FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos Mainz 2010
11. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2010
Hofer Filmtage (Premiere)
Short: 32 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Finished: September 2009
Shot in: Munich
Director: Enno Reese
Screenwriters: Katharina Eyssen, Enno Reese
Producers: Kiri Trier und Felix von Poser
DoP: Gero Kutzner
Music: Sebastian Pille
Production Design: Maike Althoff, Anna Wagner
Wardrobe: Christina Vogel
Editor: Georg Söring
Casting: Franziska Aigner
Karolina Horster
Gabriel Raab
Lena Dörrie
Christian Lex
Michael Kranz
Felix Hellmann
Teresa Rizos
Julia Gschnitzer


Walther regularly visits his wife at her favourite place – at the lake. She has Alzheimer's disease. And every day, he tries to come through to her. Again and again he's striving for their love. We follow him for a couple of hours, where he has to find a chance to get into her world. Every time, Walther tries to find a new way to get her to recognize him. And every time, he hopes today will be one of the good days. One small step after another – like a shy dance.

A short silent film that shows what love can do to one.

Runner Up - Best Student Live Action, Palm Springs Short Fest, 2010
F.W. Murnau Kurzfilmpreis, 2011
Diplom - Festival of Nations, 2011
31. Max Ophuels Preis Film Festival, 2010
11. Landshuter Kurzfilmfest, 2010
Shorts at Moonlight, 2010
16. Palm Springs International Short Fest, 2010
15. Berlin and Beyond Filmfestival, San Francisco 2010
64. Cannes Film Festival, 2011
13. Festival de Cine Alemán, Madrid 2011
11. Festival de Cine Alemán in Buenos Aires, 2011
17. Festival du Cinema Allemand, Paris 2011
7. Festival des deutschen Films Moskau, St. Petersburg, Nowosibirsk, 2011
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2012

28. Warsaw international Filmfestival, Warschau Oktober 2012

Short, 13 minutes
Genre: Drama
Finished: 2010
Shot in: Seehausen am Staffelsee
Director: Christoph Englert
Producer: Felix von Poser
Associate Producer: Kiri Trier
Screenwriters: Sarah Bräuer und Christoph Englert, nach einer Idee von Christoph Englert
DoP: Jenny Bräuer
Music: Martina Eisenreich
Production Design: Christane König
Costume Design: Kathrin Birkmann
Editor: Jana Krohn
Michael Hanemann
Petra Kelling
Lisa Wagner
Felix Rech
Tanja Frehse
und Johannes Silberschneider


A likeable but lonesome man is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world... and ultimately, it is the underdog who is victorious.
Manlleu Film Festival Barcelona: Audience Award
NYLA Int. Filmfestival New York: Award of Excellence
L.A. film and script festival: Best Narrative Short Best of Festival, Artsfest - Film Festival Harrisburg
Best of Show, Best Shorts Competition USA
Short: 18 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Finished: 2011
Shot in: Miesbach
Based on a story by: Federica Kitamura-de Cesco
Written and Co-Directed by: Betina Dubler
Director, Producer: Matthias Rosenberger
Line- & Co-Producer: Felix von Poser
DoP: Kaspar Kaven
Music: Max Jetzinger
Production Design: Victoria Alexander
Costume Design: Christina Vogel
Editor: Sebastian Prittwitz
Casting: Franziska Aigner
Johannes Silberschneider
Toks Körner
Mia Aegerter
Stefan Rutz


Intern Billie, a girl with big dreams of being a star, is keeping a set diary from behind the scenes of a TV movie. Lacking the talent, she does have the drive, the small dog and a love struck cameraman willing to follow her everywhere, capturing every movement and observation. Billie is lusting after the male stars, enviously despising the female actors and determined to not only be a star in the film, but also figure out why there's something strange going on here. More and more, Billie is convinced there's a curse plaguing the set, and she's interviewing the cast and crew to get the real story. Of course, everyone denies the curse, calling the claims 'ridiculous.'
Working title: The Witching Hour Online
Genre: Mystery, Series
"Billie's videolog": 9 x 4 minutes
"Steffie's Blog": 10 x 3 minutes
Partner: ProSieben
Finished: 2010
Director: Michael Wolf
Producer, Concept: Felix von Poser
Commissioning Editors: Yvonne Weber & Christian Balz
Service Producer Prague: Wilma Film
DoP: Jan Linnartz & Sanne Kurz
Music & Sounddesign: Sergio Minutillo
Title Music: David Reichelt
Editor: Mathias Brod
Mareike Lindenmeyer
Emily Cox
Jan Linnartz
Alina Stiegler
Jockel Tschiersch
Bernd-Christian Althoff
Stefanie von Poser
Christian Hoening
Markus Subramaniam

Und als sie selbst:
Robert Sigl
Eleanor Tomlinson
Christopher Elson
Finn Atkins
David Tomas Meier

Stand By / The Future is now

Every year, 20,5 billion kWh of power are wasted through "stand-by" functions. That's less then what a city like Berlin needs.

"Stand By" is an advertisement by Michael Ballhaus' initiative "The Future is now".

Advertisement, 1 minute
Werbespot des Vereins The Future is now e.V. von Michael Ballhaus
Finished: 2010
Shot in: Berlin
Idea & Director: Isabella Willinger
Executive Producer: Michael Ballhaus
Producer: Felix von Poser
DoP: Ngo The Chau
Production Design: Barbara Jäger
Editor: Andi Preisner
VFX: Sebastian Nozon u.a.
Cast: Sebastian Brande

Demolition Disco - Big Mama

Railroad station zoo in Berlin, Germany... a trashed wasteland destined to become a magical place! Somewhere between the Matrix and a urinal, this abandoned kingdom is brought back to life by a crowd of eccentric characters from Vikings to sweet Death.
The music video 'Big Mama' is a satiric examination on sound and video levels dealing with conventions regarding beauty & aesthetics.
Enter the realm of digital insanity when a big pack of humor strikes dark & dirty electronic bass-music attitude! Big Mama HA HA!
1.Prize Amsterdam Film Festival Music video
Best Music Video, Great Lakes Film Festival
Best of Category, Yosemite Film Festival
Best Music Video, San Francisco Frozen Festival
Loop Winner, Deep Fried Film Festival
Best Music Video, 15 Minutes of Fame
Best Music Video, Porto7
1. Platz, The Indie Gathering
Silver Palm, Mexico Int. Film Festival
Musicclip, 3 minutes
Finished: 2011
Shot in: Berlin
Idea, Director: KRONCK
Producers: Jan Linnartz, Max Mayer
Coproducer: Felix von Poser
DoP: Luis de Maia
Editor: Simon Gstöttmayr
Animations: David Scharf


iPhone – more is possible than you think.
Ad campaign: 3 x 1 minutes
Finished: 2010
Shot in: Munich

Idea & Director: Matthias Lang
Executive Producer: Felix von Poser
Producer: Sebastian Bartetzko
DoP: Kaspar Kaven
Music: David Reichelt
Costume Design: Barbara Schwarz
Editor: Sebastian Prittwitz
VFX: Robert Mayer

Marianne Schubart-Vibach
Sebastian Gerold
Klaus Kunwar
Sigrid Bennett
Gerhard Wittmann


The Campaign Thank-you-third-world fights against the casualness with which we willingly consume products from the third world without thinking.
World Media Festival: Intermedia Globe GOLD
Crank Cookie Shortfilmdays: Audience Award
Intermon Oxfam: 1. Platz Actua 2010
Formula Mundi Clipwettbewerb: 1. Prize
One Minute Festival: 1. Prize of the Jury
One Minute Festival: 1. Audience Award
Backup (non)commercial Award
Spotlight Bronze 2009: Prize of the Jury
Spotlight Silber 2009: Audience Award
Spotlight: Vision Award 2009
Die Klappe Bronze 2009
German Prize of Design: Nominated
Advertisement campaign, 3 x 1 minute
Genre: Comedy / Satire
Finished: 2009
More then 1 million hits on Youtube.
A campaign by KRONCK: Jessica Benzing & Maximilian Gerlach
Producers: Kiri Trier und Felix von Poser
DoP: Luis de Maia
Production Design: Bettina Zirngibl & Cinzia Fossati
Costume Design: Christina Vogel
Editor: Simon Blasi
Animations: David Scharf
Markus Eberhard
Nadja Petri
Tobias Finsterwalder
Simon Blasi
Steve Hudson


Radio show host Max has lost his fire and just pretends to be good-humoured. One day, Sanja calls into his show and accidentally wins a 100,000 Euro. Max is fascinated by the mysterious young lady's voice, but Sanja refuses to meet him in person.
FBW Prädikat "Besonders Wertvoll"
Short of the month at Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden
19. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2009: Audience Award"Bamberger Reiter"
Shorts at Moonlight: 1. Audience Award
Independent Days Karlsruhe: Audience Award
Short of the year of German filmcritics 2008
Short, 28 minutes
Genre: Drama
Finished: 2008
Shot in: Munich
Writer, Director: Michael Watzke
Producers: Michael Orth und Felix von Poser
DoP: Dixie Schmiedle BVK
Music: Wolfgang Netzer
Production Design: Sophie von Armansperg & Tobias Maier
Costume Design: Christina Vogel
Editor: Stefanie Trauth
Matthias Walter
Anna Brüggemann
Stefanie von Poser
Stefan Murr


A book that can kill its readers - a childhood fear of Severin, long forgotten. Until the dreaded pages appear again and when they lie in Severins hand, every line seems to confirm his worst fears. Together with a antiquarian, he dares the read and gets pulled into the vortex of the alchemist...

Silver Bear at 37. Festival of Nations Ebensee
Nominated for Méliés d'Argent
Short, 23 minutes
Genre: Mysterythriller
Finished: 2008
Shot in: Munich
Writer, Director: Michael Wolf
DoP: Sanne Kurz
Music: Markus Lehmann-Horn
Production Design: Anne-Charlotte Viriot, Juliane Engelhardt
Editor: Jana Musik
David Zimmerschied
Christian Hoening
Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow
Matthias Renger
Matthias Weil
Niels Clausnitzer


Martin and Jakob are only a few years apart but ideologically a whole world lies between them. Martin is a law student with middle-class ambitions, Jakob is an artist with a tendency to relax. However, they have one thing in common: they are brothers. When their mother Frida dies unexpectedly and her funeral needs to be arranged, the brothers' opposing concepts of living collide. To bury their mother appropriately, both Martin and Jakob have to take a risk.
Filmpreis 2009 des MedienCampus Bayern
Silberner Bär, 37. Festival der Nationen Ebensee
Short, 23 minutes
Genre: Drama
Fertigstellung: 2008
Drehformat: 16 mm
Drehort: München, Berlin
Writer, Director: Johannes Disselhoff
Co-Writer: Julia Schwarz
Producers: Kiri Trier und Felix von Poser
Associate Producer: Andi Hörl
Coproducers: Johannes Disselhoff, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
DoP: Jenny Bräuer
Music: Ukebucket, Narciso Lobo
Production Design: Maike Althoff, Tobias Maier
Editor: Max Fey
Nicholas Reinke
Martin Schick
Eva Meier


The cursor does not move, music is noise, programs are freezing - Your computer seems to have a life of its own? What if the real reason for PC crashes aren't chips, bits and circuits, but a well-deserved coffee break, confused musicians or a hot Trojan Woman? A satire about the mechanization of human and the humanization of technology.

Do you also sometimes dream of your old typewriter?

Nominatoin "Talentprobe ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel"
FBW Prädikat "Wertvoll"
Jugend filmt: Editing prize
Filmnach8: 3. Prize of the Jury
KuFiFe Stuttgart: 3. Prize
Clermon-Ferrand Short Fim Festival
9. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2008
Diessener Kurzfilmfestival
Fundao International Young Film Festival
shnit Kurzfilmfestival, Bern
Reikä Reuna Festival, Orivesi 2008
URST 2008, Salzburg
Bozener Filmtage
cinefiesta, Puerto Rico
37. Sehsüchte, Potsdam-Babelsberg
imaginaria, film festival, Atalante
KUFIFE 9. Kurzfilmfestival, Stuttgart
Short, 8 minutes
Genre: Satire
Finished: 2007
Shot in: Munich & Hausham
Writer, Director: Matthias Lang
DoP: Kaspar Kaven
Music: David Reichelt
Editor: Matthias Lang
Volker "Zack" Michalowski
Mia Aegerter
Herman van Ulzen


Sun, Birds, a cold beer.
Three friends, a saturday afternoon.
It's gonna be loud, wild, hectic, high defined.

Short, 12 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Finished: 2007
Shot in: Munich
Writer, Director, Editor: Eugen Gritschneider
Line Producer: Philipp Reuter
Producer: Felix von Poser
DoP: Tobias Tempel
Dennis Herrmann
Florian Fisch
Nicolas Flocken


When a person dies lonely and there is nobody around that takes care of his last affairs, ahtorizations will be in charge. Officials will investigate, organize, exploit and manage. In the end, nothing remains but a numbered casket in a brick niche.

1. Prize of the Jury Curt.doc Vidréres/Girona
Special Mention Young Jury Zagrebdox
1. Prize of the Jury Documenta Madrid
Olot.doc 5a mostra inernacional de documetals, Spanien
Curt.doc Short Documentary Festival, Spanien
Festival inernational Signes de Nuit, Paris
ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival, Zagreb
Psarokokalo Short Film Festival, Athen
LÁlternativa Festival de Cinema Independent, Barcelona
Internationales Filmfestival Visions du Réel (Nyon, Schweiz)
Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Documenta Madrid
Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival Euroshorts (Warschau)
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage
Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Shortmoves (Halle)
Kurzfilmfestival Bunter Hund (München)
Short, 8 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Finished: 2007
Shot in: Munich Writer, Director, Editor, DP: Wolfram Huke


Patrick is hitman. Today's job seems to be routine, until he is confronted with an old friend, who changes everything.

A psychological portrait of an unordinary job.

Short, 23 minutes
Genre: Crime
Finished: 2006
Shot in: Innsbruck, Austria
Writer, Director: Felix von Poser
DoP: Tobias Uwe Kuhn
Music: David Reichelt
Editor: Felix von Poser
Martin Strele
Luis Schlierenzauer
Günter Lieder